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Tax Consultancy

We offer assistance and consultancy services to the administrative body of the company in making decisions of fiscal importance, taking into account, the partner‐partnership binomial and the implication that these decisions may have on each of the parties, paying special attention to the impact on the company's results.

Tax Planning and Residency

We provide specific advice on transactions with tax implications, on the transfer, acquisition, merger and reorganisation of business assets and companies, on the taxation of groups of companies, tax planning of assets, inheritance and family businesses.

Tax Advice

We advise, prepare and present the settlement of both IGI (General Indirect Tax) and IS (Corporate Tax), in accordance with the period that is applicable to you according to the parameters.

We provide tax advice, prepare and submit the corresponding Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Non‐Resident Income Tax (IRNR) returns.

We advise on how to obtain tax residency and on the settlement of IRPF (Personal Income Tax).