Q Managers


Administrative procedures

We work to ensure that relations between the Administration and people do not end up being a headache and that maximum agility and efficiency are a guarantee for our clients. We have a technical team that provides professional services in order to be able to advise or carry out for the client, any type of procedure, resource or management related to any public or parapublic administration or even in the private business sector, always with the aim of making the client's life easier.

Commercial and Corporate Area

From the Welcome Bureau Department, we offer the best options to our clients whether they already have a company and want to modify it or if they decide to settle in our country for the first time.

By studying the case of each client, we define their real needs and provide advice and support from the first stage of the process until the company is up and running, whether it is a holding company, a patrimonial company or an Andorran limited or public limited company.

Employment advice

You will benefit from an experienced team that will ensure that your structure is always in line with the current legislation on labour matters, knowing the constant change of its legal framework and its complexity.

We will advise you on all the necessary procedures and the obligations and requirements deriving from them (payroll management, CASS, working hours, holidays, etc.) from before the start of the employment relationship, in order to apply the most favourable type of contract, until the end, when we deal with the settlement process (dismissal, resignation, retirement, settlement calculations, etc.).

Technical Secretariat

From the technical secretariat area, we provide service to all the implicit needs at the administrative secretarial level that the organisation may require, from telephone answering and channelling of requests to the creation and maintenance of a live database, including support for management bodies, the calling of meetings, collaboration in these meetings as moderator, the taking of minutes or any kind of technical assistance.