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We offer professional consultancy and business organisation services in company acquisitions and mergers, due diligence, management and financial statement audits, accounting and other services related to the control and economic management of private companies or public entities.

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Economic and financial area

This service responds to doubts and problems arising from the application of the General Accounting Plan in force since 1 January 2009. It offers solutions to queries in the accounting field related to the operations carried out by the company (valuation rules, accounting principles, etc.).

This includes the review of the financial statements at the close of the financial year for the correct formulation of the annual accounts, with the verification of the valuation rules applied by the company in accordance with current legislation, as well as the preparation of proposals for improvement for administrative, accounting and management control.

We offer companies the possibility of outsourcing their accounting procedures, making, based on the data supplied by the company, the monthly accounting, providing the entity with the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet. In addition, we provide periodic reports that analyse the monitoring of the company's results.

This process can be done internally from the company's headquarters or externally from our offices.

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Strategic Consulting and Expertise

We analyse in depth all the vital parts of the organisation; we gather in a document the proposals for improvement based on the conclusions of the analytical phase and we elaborate a growth model adapted to improve the competitive positioning of the organisation.

We also use the Due Diligence method in the analytical phase to evaluate the functioning of the most important areas of the organisation.

We carry out valuations and appraisals of companies or production lines using methods based on accounting data and future expectations.

Our services will be carried out in accordance with generally accepted accounting and tax standards and will aim to comply with current Andorran legislation in the field of both direct and indirect taxation, as well as the rules and regulations that develop them.

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Audit Area

By applying the analytical procedure to the figures appearing in the financial statements, we issue an opinion on the correct application of the criteria and standards that have been used during the accounting period and which have served as the basis for the preparation of the company's financial statements.

Applying international financial auditing guidelines and standards, we issue an opinion that the financial statements presented by the company reflect the reality of the financial year under review, that all transactions recorded correspond to the financial year audited, that they have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and criteria, and that they express, in all material respects, a true and fair view of the company's net worth and financial position.